Saturday, 15 November 2014

Web Design In Delhi

Responsive design is less of a “I Deliver Solutions” and more of an increasingly effective response to the variety of Internet capable devices in use today. Users no longer view the web solely from their desktop computers. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, retina displays, and televisions are used every day to access the Internet, and each device has a different screen size and should be considered in a different context. Responsive design enables a single website to scale and change based on the device it is accessed from — without Web Design in Delhi creating multiple, separate sites.
It’s I Deliver Solutions even becoming en vogue to make images, animations, and other on screen effects responsive in their own right. The major benefit to designing responsively is that you don’t have to Web Design In Delhi create multiple versions of a website, nor do you have to spend extra marketing dollars convincing your audience to download a native app.

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